Saturday, December 17, 2011

Craft Idea: Make Holiday Collar Covers for Dogs and Cats

This month we're making holiday collar covers for our customers. These festive tubes of cloth slide easily over your pet's collar to add a touch of color or sparkle for the holiday season but are easily slipped off and washed or recycled. Once you're set up, each collar cover takes about 15 minutes to make and now that the kids are home for vacation, you can make it a family project.

What you'll need:
  • Sewing machine (yes you could sew by hand if you wanted to)
  • Rotary cutter or sharp shears
  • Pinking shears
  • Lightweight fabric (smaller patterns work best)
  • Neutral or color coordinated thread

Step 1: Measure
Measure the length and width of your pet's collar

Step 2: Plan
Add 1" to the width and about 30% to the length. That's the finished size of the tube you'll be constructing. You'll need the extra width to accommodate the plastic fasteners on the collar plus a seam allowance and the extra length to scrunch up the fabric so it has a ruffled look when finished.

Step 3: Cut
Using a rotary cutter or a pair of very sharp shears, cut two strips of cloth to the planned dimensions.

Step 4: Sew
Align the strips right sides outward and sew down each long side about 1/4" inch from the edge. It's a good idea to reverse at each end for a few stitches to lock the seam in place.

Step 5: Trim
Using pinking shears, trip the seam allowances and tube ends  to create pretty, non-fraying borders.

Step 6: Scrunch
Slide the finished tube over your pet's collar, scrunching as you go.

We hope you enjoy this holiday craft idea!

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